Access Control

Control who comes through your doors with coded entry, proximity cards, biometric finger print readers or Facial recognition.

Access control allows you to protect your building, whether you need to monitor who enters and exits, monitor car park and employee entry or link to fire alarm system to create a nominal role in an emergency. The benefits are endless.

How can Access control benefit me?

  • Maximise security for all within the building
  • Minimise theft¬†and vandalism
  • Easy access for multiple authorised persons with keyless entry
  • A record of who has been in and out of the building which can be linked to the Fire alarm, creating a nominal role in case of emergency
  • Time Saving for businesses that require payroll and employee systems,¬†making things safer for when a user needs to be added or removed with a simple process of deleting or adding a user to the system.
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